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Help: Dynamic Positioning Basic
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Welcome to Dynamic Positioning Basics.

Welcome to a free learning resource for those people who would like to understand Dynamic Positioning in Ships.

Dynamic Positioning or DP as it is commonly known is "A system which automatically controls a vessel's heading exclusively by means of active thrust.“ This sounds like an oversimplification however it is quintessential in its essence in describing the concept and philosophies of dynamic positioning.

In these pages we hope to expand on that a little and examine in detail the computer-controlled system that gathers information by interrogating a number of other systems which include PRS position reference sensors, wind speed and direction sensors, MS motion sensors or VRS vertical reference sensors as well as directional information from gyro-compasses,as well as the different D.P operational modes and applications.

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Firstly these pages have been designed and optimized for tablet and smart phone users as from experience many of the personal devices carried by crew and people on vessels are through necessity small and portable.

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